Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alien Chef

This is my final to my chef assessment.
I decided to do an alien cooking in space, he is cooking spaghetti (they are veggie balls and not meat balls )

The food gets sucks out by a vacuum in like a garbage shoot.. (its a cartoon so the alien doesn't get sucked out)


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  1. Hey Tiae, this is cool! I like the animation it's working well for a first try at traditional animation. I like the design and the comedy style to it, I find it has a light and comedy like feel to it with colours. The Animation Principles could still be applied a lil bit better by tweaking a few things, basically just the eases for motion and snappy whip of the pan when he accidently chucks the pasta out the space vacuum, ha ha. I like it very good work. I also like that it's with cartoon veggies and not meat balls, ha ha are you a vegetarian if so there's finally another for the whole animation 1st and 2nd years, ha!:)