Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Animation History Research

Hubie & Bertie

Is a shot animated cartoon produced by Warner bros. studio directed by Chuck Jones.
The film was first released on 19th of June 1943.

Jones went from animating sweet Disney films to films driven by intense humor and over the top gags.
Jones animation style change stood out, from his over the top humor to his themes of revenge and anger.

Brad bird, the director of the Incredibles & the iron giant payed homage to Jones by using a wonderful art style, line work and character design that often conjured the work of chuck Jones.

This is one of Franks favorite cartoons.

'case of the missing hare' was also directed by Chuck Jones, and was distributed by Warner Bros pictures, it was released on December 12, 1942.

 This film stars Bugs Bunny, and is a typical play on words, which is one of Chucks animation quality's.

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