Monday, March 28, 2011


My monster bounce: I decided to do a frog although i did not make it squash in a deformed manner at the point of full contact because i personally believe that is wrong, but i did use the squish and stretch technique to create a bounce. i also held the full contact pose on the lily pad for a few extra seconds to create a more realistic frog bounce.


  1. I keep pressing replay. Frogger bounce hops along nice arcs and some smooth spacing. This is good animating and shows you are quickly picking up the lessons being presented in class. I find it very good that you have made your decisions and explained your choices. Nice work Tiae

  2. This is awesome! This is one of my favourites, it is simple and a simplistic design and that is what's so good about it. I find it very well created with the animation principles and arcs and the colours are appealing and solid design, the jump is cool and the secoundary action of the lilly pad and the water ripple is awesome, this is very simple however could be applied to other features like Smart Phone Apps and ecards and this is something useful for animation, it can easily loop and work as these functions as the design is basic so scripting would be simple, it's worth considering marketability for animations, and what simple shapes can create for animation for websites etc, I would just improve it by perhaps playing with the animation principles more like squashing it more to extreme posing, and jumps and also playing with the objects for the stage and the placement of the character etc. I like the work a lot, keep up the good work and comments for positive promotion of welfare for cartoons and working at the animation principles etc! :)