Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trip To The Library :P

Thursday morning literature hunt to the library.

1) The First years watched 'The Lost Thing' On Wednesday .
     'The Lost Thing' Is an animated film by Shaun Tan, An Australian Animator.

   For reference value, 'The Bird King' By Shaun King Is available with in the SBIT Library.

2) The second floor of the SBIT Library has a large selection of reference journals the related to the animation industry is vol 22 issue 2 (If that makes sense)

3) If you have any question related to copy right the librarian can help you based on Australian law.
   As an animator, we must understand copy right and take it into action while animating, we must be very careful expectialy when it come to auto (music and instrumental)

4) The Illusion of life is a Disney animated book, by the 9 old men

5) Richard Williams wrote the animation survival kit, this can be found on level 3 of the SBIT Library

6) Frank (Sir)
   Our animation teacher went to Paris (France) in 2009, While he was enjoying the french air and baguettes, He brought back a DVD called
   "paris chambre de commerce et d'industrie de paris"
   Although i personally i have not watched it, Frank couldn't express enough about how fortunate we are to have this reference with in the SBIT Library.

7) Miyazki, a famous Japanese animation director, quite a collection of his works can be found with in the SBIt library including
: Of the Valley of wing
Spirited away
castle in the sky
   And many more (for the rest, take a fun trip to the SBIT Library :P)

8) I found this library orientation exercise rather usefully i now know where to go for my future resource needs :)



  1. Thanks for the excellent information Tiae

  2. Hi Tiae, nice blog. Like your Earth theme. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

    -the librarian-